Outgrow Yourself Oracle & Tarot

In my attempt to get more familiar with the Thoth Tarot system I purchased the Outgrow Yourself Oracle & Tarot by Äkta Spåman. I enjoy the bright images with what I best describe as "mushy" bodies, lol. I love that I can use this deck as not only a way to get to know the keywords of the Thoth system but also as a Oracle.

Since the deck does not come with a guidebook and the cards aren't numbered, I created a keyword/guidebook. I've attached the keyword/guidebook in the link below for your use. I hope it helps you get to know the deck a little better and assists you in your studies of the Thoth.

I am a complete newbie at creating things like this, so if you make any upgrades to this guide, please share it! You can watch the full walkthrough of this fun and funky deck on my Youtube channel.

Thank you for watching the video and visiting my website.

Much Love, Annette

Outgrow Yourself Oracle and Tarot
Download PDF • 766KB

If you're interested in the deck, you can visit the creators website here:


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