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Bohemian Magick by Veronica Varlow, Book Review

This beautiful book is a combination of “herstory” while sharing her family's magical bohemian practice. She includes personal pictures, beautifully illustrated art, collage art, journal style pages and the names of the spells have names from song titles like: “We Can Be Heroes”, “Walk this Way”, “Hello I Love You” and “Dearly Beloved, We are here to day to get through this thing called life”.

The book is delivered so effortlessly. It’s almost as if you are sitting down with her, having tea, sitting on big fluffy pillows with incense burning, music playing her favorite songs in the background while she shares her life story, and then proceeds to sharing some of her spiritual practices with you. She describes the spells as her "secret" spells, because they are. Everything she shares comes from what she learned from her family along with her own spin which she describes as “Spectaculus” It feels intimate, honest and empowering. She encourages you to share so long as you give her credit if using her methods.

Page 127 - Frida!!! The Magic School Bus. This spell is just gorgeous and so powerful. In this spell Veronica calls you to call in the spirit or your Muses. You know that question if you could have a conversation with anyone who would it be? This spell brings in the idea of calling in those spirits or spiritual ancestors of those that have been your muses to join you on your own Magical School bus.

This book is a total win for me, I love how personal it all feels and how comfortable she comes across.

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