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Classes are offered In-person or Live-online

Divine Healing


The 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki: 

“Munay” in Quechua means “love and will”, “ki“, is the Chinese word for energy, these words combined means: “energy of love”. The rites are based on the initiation practices of the Shamans of the Q’ero Nation and the Inkau (descents of the Inca) and have been brought to us by anthropologist Alberto Villoldo.

These rites are energetic transmissions to enhance our personal luminous energy field and to shift human consciousness. These transmissions assist in healing the wounds of the past, karmic debuts, genetic inheritance we come into this world with as well as assisting us to become stewards of the Earth and all creation.

As we are at pivotally point in human consciousness, the Elders of these Shamanic traditions are now in the belief that it is time to pass these rites along without the lengthy transitions. Upon receiving these rites comes the hope that they are passed along to as many people as possible.

The Nine Rites include:

  • The Seers Rite

  • The Harmony Rite

  • The Bands of Power,

  • The Healers Rite

  • The Daykeepers Rite

  • The Wisdomkeepers Rite

  • The Earthkeepers Rite

  • The Starkeepers Rite

  • The Creator Rite

Transmission are separated into 3 Sessions: Rites 1-3, Rites 4-6 and Rites 7-9 – Each Session $132.00 or all 3 Sessions for $375.00

A Certificate of Initiation is issued upon completion of the Rites. Sessions are available as in-person or online classes.

Prerequisite: None, a Pi Stone is recommended.



The Rite of the Womb is a loving and powerful healing transmission and ceremony that brings a natural balance to our sacred place of creation.

The Rite of the Womb is the 13th rite of the Munay-Ki and was passed along to Marcela Lobos, a medicine woman and senior teacher at by a group of female Shamans of the Shipibo Nation. This beautiful transmission assists women to release stored pain & traumatic life events within this lifetime and that of our ancestors.

The 13th Rite reactivates our feminine center of power.

Although this transmission is geared towards women, keep in mind that both men and women are created in the womb and may have suffered traumatic experiences while in the womb. Anyone with or without a womb can receive or participate in this Rite.

This Rite is conducted as a beautiful ceremony and celebration and would be even more beautiful with others to join in this celebration.

This transmission is given in 1 session (ceremony):

  • In-person ceremony, $45.00 for a private session.

  • For groups, $45.00 for the first person, $10.00 per person thereafter for each person receiving the transmission. $5.00 per person for those in attendance but not receiving the transmission.

  • Online transmission $35.00

A Certification of Initiation is included for those receiving the transmission.

There is no prerequisite required for this transmission.

**This Rite combines beautifully with a Cacao Ceremony, ask about special pricing to combine this lovely Ceremony and Rite.**

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