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Daily Healing Challenge

Updated: May 6, 2020

I think right about now we all need some healing. One of the ways I have found to stay focused on healing during this time is by keeping a Wellness Planner (on my Happy Planner of course, because it's happy and who could resist that?) By keeping track of my personal practice, meditation, doodles, inspiring quotes and thoughts I have found a entirely new level of healing and accountability for myself. Now although I am not one take part a challenges to post pictures of my personal yoga practice on social media (that's just me) I have come to enjoy these monthly personal growth and journal prompt challenges.

First and foremost the challenge needs to be easy enough that I can easily fit it in to what I already do on a daily basis while providing an opportunity for growth or the challenge just blows my mind and I add it because I can I clearly see the potential for healing and wisdom by adding this to my life. Now sharing this part of my personal practice is not something I usually do BUT....within the last couple of month's I had a thought. "What if by simply sharing the challenge I have chosen to accept for my own personal growth could help someone else find some inner healing" - afterall I can't help some others if I don't open myself up a little. So, with that in mind "Welcome to my Daily Healing Practice for May".

This month, I found a challenge from She posted this challenge a few years ago but I think it fits in perfectly for our present times and life situation. I did change a couple of the challenge prompts but it's pretty much exactly what she posted.

Although her challenge was mostly intended for use with Tarot/Oracle Cards, I've decided not to limit it to only cards but to see what else I could add or replace on some of the days. So some days I will add in a specific Yoga flow, a meditation, crystals, essential oils or maybe even a Cacao ceremony. I am open to whatever "feels" right on that particular day. As far as the Tarot/Oracle cards, I will be using: "The Muse Tarot Card Deck" which can easily be purchased through Hay House or Amazon.

Now, if you don't have Tarot or Oracle cards, you can still do the challenge. There are many free Tarot/Oracle cards apps available, there is no need to have a physical deck. If the use of Tarot or Oracle cards not something that resonates with you, find a meditation on YouTube, try a yoga pose or get a piece of paper and a pencil and journal. The most important thing is not worry about doing this challenge "perfectly". Adapt this challenge as you see fit.

As you will see there is already white out on my calendar page because while I was writing everything down on my calendar pages I forgot to include a Chakra, lol. See it's already a great reminder that the perfection of this whole thing is in the imperfections, the give and take. The healing has already begun!

I keep track of how I meet the challenge on that day by simply writing what I did right under my challenge prompt. This makes it easy for me to keep track. Ohhhh and if you don't have a "Happy Planner" or any other paper planner, you can easily do this on your google calendar as well. SO...enough of the chit chat. Take what works and scrap what doesn't. My hope is that you find some seeds of wisdom and healing in these prompts and in these actions. Wishing you a beautiful May - Happy Healing!

From #behatilife (with a couple of modifications)

*May - Daily Healing Challenge*

Take your time & work at your own pace! Start when you start, take breaks as needed. These explorations are highly enlightening but can also be draining. Honor your heart & energy, catch up when you can or follow along as it feels good to you.

Journaling what shows up is HIGHLY recommended - even if at first it doesn’t completely make sense! Most people find their cards to be super enlightening & contribute to their growth- if not now then it makes sense later.


1. Throughout this challenge- what should I remember & stay focused on in regards to my own healing?

2. What in my life is in need of the greatest healing?

3. What is the best way to heal this area now?

4. What areas or places that need healing in my life do I neglect?

5. What has been my greatest wound?

6. How do I heal from this wounded space?

7. What can I learn from this wound?

8. How does this wound help me/will help me in the future?

9. Where/How does this wound sometimes trip me up?

10. How can I use my wounded space to help others?

11. How/Where in my life am I currently transforming?

12. What is the advice of the angels as I transform/evolve now?

13. How can I restore myself when I feel low or am hurting?

14. Open Angel Message

15. How can I offer myself and others Forgiveness?

16. Open Goddess Message

17. Root Chakra Healing

18. Sacral Chakra Healing

19. Solar Plexus Healing

20. Heart Chakra

21. Throat Chakra

22. Third Eye Healing

23. Crown Chakra

24. What areas of my love life need attention/healing?

25. Mentally what needs healing/attention?

26.What areas of my life need Spiritual healing?

27. What areas of my professional life need attention/healing?

28. What advice can you give me for spiritual healing?

29. Open Ancestor Message

29. What attachments need to be released?

30. How can I gather more Strength?

31. What areas of my physical body need attention/healing?

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