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December 2020 - Full Moon in Gemini

December 1, 2020 - Full/Cold Moon in Gemini

Decks used: The Embroidered Forest Tarot, Spirit de La Luna Oracle, and The Illuminated Earth Oracle.

Energy of this Full Moon - Spirit de la Lune Oracle

  1. Full Moon - Fulfillment. “I embody my magick, I embody my womb, I embody the power of the Full Moon”. Like the ocean you are at high tide - everything is amplified; good and bad. Honor these strong emotions that rise to the surface, fulfill your desires and bask in this new state of being. The completion of this cycle is yours, take what you need into the next cycle and release what didn’t work for you.

  2. Cold Moon - Hibernation. Protect the fragile seeds waiting to sprout by allowing the ideas and growth to slumber within the caverns of your heart. Anchor into the deep layers of protection, rest, and retreat. Create the sanctuary your body and soul need for true healing to take place.

  3. Gemini - The Twins. Representing the duality within and without. Acknowledge the mood swings and be open to the external and internal dialogue at play. Observe the feelings of insecurity and indecisiveness from yourself and others but don’t play into it. Instead, observe and allow yourself to gain insight.

Energy of this Moon Cycle - The Embroidered Forest Tarot

  1. 2 of Cups - Coexistence and support from a partnership between lovers, friends or for yourself and your internal world. This is a confirmation of balance, comprise and trust. The experience of sharing and growing. Take some time to enjoy and reflect on some self care for yourself or for the relationships you hold close to you.

  2. 3 of Wands - Past, present and future. Take into consideration the past and the present while recognizing your fiery passion and creativity while carving out your path for the future.

  3. 2 of Wands - All that fire and creativity brewing up inside makes you want to skip a few steps and take the leap now. Allow yourself some time to take a step back, go within before taking a step forward, just don’t get complacent while in that space.

Clarification for this Moon Cycle - Illuminated Earth

  1. Disguise - What are you hiding behind? This disguise may feel like a place of shelter but in reality it comes at a great cost. Allow yourself to be seen for who you are. This is the ultimate gift you can grant yourself.

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