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As if!

Surely we've all heard someone say "As if" in a sarcastic voice in a movie or even worst - in person. If you've seen the movie "Clueless" you might get a visualization of this saying. The idea of what someone else is thinking or suggesting could ever be a possiblity is just so "ugh gross" (as I flip my hair and turn away).

This morning, I drew the Chameleon Card from the Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Barron-Reid. The key words on the card reads "Act As If". As silly as my visualization of "as-if" may seem, lets take this from another prespective. As a society, it would fantastic if we could be inspired by this term and apply it to our current life situation.

The Chameleon, comes into different situations, different environments and adapts to it's surroundings. She acts as if she always belonged there. For many, dealing with our current times requires some adapting. If you've ever looked at the movement of the Chameleon, her movements are far from swift. Actually, she is very slow. She looks in every direction before taking a further grasp. Watching them hunt for food makes me a little anxious, yet I am always amazed and how deep her observations are. She takes everything into consideration, makes her calculations and lashes out her tongue at lighting speed to capture what she has carefully set her sights on.

The "prey" (for lack of a better word) is always caught off guard, this always amuses me. The Chameleon was there the entire time, after all she moves at a snails pace. The "prey" was doing a hair flip and thinking "As-If" that Chameleon could ever react in time to get to me. The so-called "prey" just wasn't paying attention. Maybe it was the grace and patient movements of the Chameleon that caught the "prey" off guard. Did the "prey" really never except her to react? Sometimes we get so comfortable with ourselves, we fail to show concern or observe the slow and mindful actions of many. Hmmmm....I see some real life similarities here.

The Chameleon moves slowly, she doesn't fight her environment, she looks around, takes her cues from her current conditions and leans into it. She shifts and changes to be a part of it. She "acts as if" she was always there and makes the changes. She follows her inner wisdom and adapts. These changes aren't hurtful to her, she welcomes and appreciates each and every step of the growth as she moves forward.

Looking at our current situation maybe it's time for many of us to think about how we can learn from the Chameleon. Maybe it's time to act like the chameleon, look in every direction, take notes of what is going on around you. Where can you find beauty and acceptance in these current times? How can you inspire change? Sometimes sitting still and just taking note of things is better than moving too fast and falling off your path. Be as mindful and as graceful as you can be in your approach.

Life is shifting swiftly at this point. For many, the changes in consciousness that we are undergoing at this time are things we never expected to see or experience in this lifetime. Others maybe experiencing thoughts that may have never even crossed their mind until now. Unlike the Chameleon, for mankind changes are uncomfortable. We fight and resist change.

For the most part, I believe that change is so hard to accept or even consider simply because of our own ego. Changing something we were brought up to believe in or had never given any thought to because it just didn't affect us means somehow our thoughts were wrong or unfair. It's okay to chage your mind about things...really it is! True growth comes when we can admit to ourselves that what we once beleived just isn't relevant anymore. If you are reading this, you probably welcome change but for many, the idea of changing their mind or upgrading their thinking just hurts.

We can help guide those who are resistant by staying true to who we are and by knowing that change is possible.

Let's all be open to the possibilities of what awaits us if we all change. If we could all adapt by taking note of the things and people around us. One very important message in the Spirit Animal guide book was that although life maybe be changing and although you may also need to change along with it, not every situation is yours to match. Take some time to determine how and where you can shed light on the shadow. This time is a true opportunity for growth and to simply start acting "as if" this path was ours to take all along.

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